An Ignored Key-Factor of Economy

Publicado: 11 de junho de 2018 em Sem categoria

(Rascunho em formato de academic essay. Depois eu inflo com mais detalhes.)

Economy has been a social problem for Mankind as long as it has existed. Many ideologies, such as communism and economic liberalism, have arose promising to be the best solution for poverty and its derived problems. But when put into practice, they have reproduced or increased a lot of social problems such as genocide and poverty. So, in the end, the question of how human society can reach an effective economic system remains a perpetual dilemma.

As every complex discussion, it’s reasonable to first define what economy is. Economy essentially is the management of scarce resources. It means that we don’t apply economy over a context of abundance. For example, we don’t apply the economy of sand or of salt water because these resources still don’t present the threat of shortage. We also didn’t used to apply economy to petroleum or silicon since they weren’t seen as useful for us. Nevertheless, we are very concerned with our storage of fresh water or oil. So, if we have needed resources in abundance, without the threat of dearth, we don’t have economical issues with them. On the other hand, the lack of resources is a function of the level of competition for them. That means that more people will be competing for limited resources and a larger economical crisis we might have. This leads us to the conclusion that economy is a function of population.

Another point is that nature has been a well established system of fundamental resources for human beings not because it was created perfectly for us, but because we just exist due to the existence of enough resources. For example, in Africa, if we didn’t have calcium or fresh water, our species simply wouldn’t exist. Also, like other animals, we survived for two hundred thousand of years just because we were well established in our environment with enough resources. And, even though nature is not always an infinite source of means and perfect conditions for every originated species, they usually manage the economic problems by simply balancing their population with birth control, made by its own females.

In contrast, Mankind is very far from having a population growth control in order to have resources in abundance. Since the rise of agriculture, colonization and empires, human societies have made efforts towards having a larger population and compounding masses of workers and warriors. Also, different from other species, this management has been made by males instead of females, forcing them to have many children, mostly as a result of non-spontaneous sex granted by a contract of private property – marriage.

Considering these fundamental factors, it is reasonable to conclude that mankind doesn’t have essential economical problems, but a non-management of their population growth. Besides having a lot of ideologies planning organization of roles, functions and distribution of resources, all of these problems could not even be a problem if only the key factor of poverty or scarcity would be rationally managed which is overpopulation.

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