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I am quite overwhelmed to write, especially because I have things that are particularly more essential to produce as literary and scholarly works. Today for example is a day when I should be writing for an exhibition in my work. So, I plan to be brief here and straight, in my own way of course.

The main problem about Economy in my view is the eurocentrism. Economy is about lack of resources, never abundance (José Eli da Veiga, Brazilian economist and USP professor), so the concept of economy and the human articulation for that will develop better and intensely in areas that I am going to call here hostile areas of the planet.

I’m going to consider the Earth as a heterogeneous system divided into geoclimatic zones, i.e, the Earth is not a big Europe. These zones are very important to be considered and kept in mind because they are quite different, and these differences lead to delicate turns in the evolution process of life.

I also need to start the discussion in a more anthropological way. This studied species here is the Homo sapiens sapiens, a subgroup of apes, humans more specifically, that evolved in Africa. I defend that Evolution is very important in this discussion and I think it’s very problematic to try to discuss social problems ignoring hard and biological sciences, an epistemological problem fruit of intellectual laziness, which is a reflection of arrogance and lack of zeal with the objects of studies. And most of people don’t even know that we are only one in several species of humans, we are not the only humans that have appeared in Earth. Or, in other words, we are not the only rational brains that has evolved on this planet, we are just the only survivors. It’s an additional information here.

Understood that humans are primates, another important point that I must bring to the surface, and a very key point, is that primates are not well-adapted beings to the zones of the Arctic. They were better adapted to the tropical lands, rich in fruitful trees, tropical temperature (the best for the diversity of life, by the way, and that’s why dense jungles and forests like Amazon), and rivers. Few apes can live and survive in cold areas or deserts, and I am going to call these regions hostile areas because of that. They are poor in resources and conditions to the monkeys physiology which implies in few chances of surviving, small populations and stressful interections (conflicts).

Economy is about scarcity of resources, and this scarcity leads to more social conflicts in the games for energy or for the instinct of reproduction, an algorithm that, coupled with the pain of the need for physiological maintenance of organisms, most coordinates the activities and reactions of living beings. So my additional point is that even sex or opportunity for reproduction is considered a resource within and between the species.

So when we, in this modern society, “pos”- Eurocolonization, and now globalized, discuss about economy, we are discussing from the perspective of the apes that more saw Economy as an elementary human need and not an event from their zones or natural habitats. We are discussing the hostile areas problems (artic and dry weather) and not the tropical areas problems, and the apes that live here. So all the discussion about saving resources, scarcity, poverty, hunger and even diseases are mostly invented as a global problem, when it is actually a problem, a deep, vast and permanent problem, from the hostile areas. And if we have had conflicts for resources in the tropical lands it was also due to the culture of stealing and invasion, practiced by apes from hostile areas. And that’s why Africa, for example, is nowadays poor, because it’s actually originally quite rich from the monkeys’ perspective, since it’s a tropical land and has the best conditions for the primates’ lives.

Living in hostile areas is to fight constantly against the forces of nature there, that is where apes don’t belong. And when we want to go against the nature, we invest time and energy in artifices, and then, by rational brains science and technology are better developed since this development has been a case of survival or death. These are considered by the way the great fruits of living in hostile areas and even being hostile (toxic), advanced science and technology. Although the cost for going against nature is an plastic ocean global warming, bioterrorist genocide, food full of pesticides and countless diseases originated by the industrialized life style and the alienation of a life designed for leisure and fun, not work systems.

By the way, work system is another invention brought and imposed by hostile apes over tropical lands. It’s not necessary, and for not being necessary that it wasn’t set up in tropical lands. Accumulation, agriculture, livestock and work system are not tropical needs, but hostile areas needs. And the fruits of living in hostile areas and traveling from culture to culture accumulating several knowledges and sciences from the invaded or visited countries (Africans, India or Asians) called Science and Technology are merely solutions to problems created by themselves. For example, without colonization, Native Americans wouldn’t need vaccine against variola since they kept the habit of living close to animals fezes quite rare instead of making this a life style.

So, having  little time to scrutinize this discussion in more curious details, my key point is that we should stop seeing Earth as an homogeneous system, and Mankind’s needs as Europeans or other hostile apes needs. That’s essential for discussing Economy with lucidity and coherence. We should keep ourselves sober first of all, but for that we must to overcome Eurocentrism and its sophisms, what is a huge challenge for most of non Europeans because it’s not everybody that have the opportunity of studying hard sciences, math, geology, primatology, African History, Native American History, and build finally and bravely a narrative that wouldn’t put European sciences and political plans as solutions. You need to be intellectually privileged and brave at the same time for that. Nevertheless, this is not a whim, but a need to see beyond.

The hostile apes brought a system of complexities and problems to a paradise of simplicity and “infinite” resources, and that’s why we now are discussing Economy. But, what are our needs? Why are lands that some decades and centuries ago used to grow fruits and vegetable everywhere, every seasons, now  nothing but hostile? Why are we constantly sick? Why does the food need pesticides or we will die of starvation, they say? What’s going on? And what if we could leave all the silly ideologies, mostly came from hostile apes cultures and practice the reasonability? Why do we have to work everyday? Are European systems of Economy really our solutions? But, why? I can’t see how smart is to burn a whole forest, to seed a single kind of plant and then invest water, energy and time trying to keep that artificial and unnecessary system and… later… take tones of that plant to a factory and remove the vitamins (color), minerals and fibers from that food. And after that to add bactericide, ignoring that we have important bactérias inside our guts too, and to pack in a plastic which can release substances of suspect effects in our organism in the long term. Is that clever? Is that what clever Norwegian would do if only they could live in tropical lands? I can’t see they doing this! I can see them saying how stupid this system is.

But having this disease of seeing Native Americans, Africans or Aboriginal Australians as inferior, silly or stupid compared to hostile apes won’t lead to ask clever questions, because that’s what dogmas and prejudice do to human minds.

It’s clear that the global economy has an ethnic order, where all tropical lands became the farm for supplying the apes that live in artic areas. And this order is invented and defended, barely questioned. We spend time discussing several conspiracy theories, but things are more simples like the Physics laws and Biology have told us so, apes are animals not well adapted to artic regions and the less effort is also the cleverest . To steal, to lie, to cheat, to kill and to believe without questioning are the easier path taken by stressed hearts, and that has been the game in this large population called Homo sapiens sapiens. However, I ask, how long will the ideology of white supremacy trick us and keep us supporters and slavers of stupid economic systems? How long will we really behave like this, simple and silly apes?

The most probable answer is forever until the end. I see solutions, of course, but I can’t see monkeys being more than that. The limitations of their brains and physiologies are stronger than understanding simple math.


-Desenvolvimento sustentável – desafio do século XXI – VEIGA, José Eli.

– Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed – DIAMOND, Jared.

– Energy and Economic Myths: Institutional and Analytical Economic Essays – GEORGESCU-ROEGEN, Nicholas.

– The Entropy Law and the Economic Process – GEORGESCU-ROEGEN, Nicholas.

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